Team members

Research group background

CIMCETT team is constituted of a group of academic experts in the areas of the European Union Law, Human Rights and International Cooperation. All members have participated in numerous research projects as a team as well as in an individual manner. A large part of the researchers are original members of the ERJAIDI-UE group (Research group on Justice, Home Affairs, Law and Immigration within the EU, 2012-2014), recognized by the AGAUR as a consolidated research group. Such research group was later renamed DIE-EURJAIDI (2014-2016). In addition, the members of CIMCETT have participated in the MAGELS project (2011-2016), also financed by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness of the Spanish Government .

The results of this joint research path can be divided in three areas:

1. Joint publications

In addition to the individual publications of the researchers, they have released several joint monographs, many of which have resulted from conferences organised by the members of the team. These academic pieces have had a significant impact on the academic area, as well as among public administrations and specific non-governmental actors. These include:

2. Join reports

Regarding the reports drafted by one or more members of the team on the design and implementation of specific policies and actions, it is worth highlighting:

  • “La acción de la UE y sus Estados miembros en la Conferencia de Revisión de la Corte Penal Internacional”, led by Dr. Claudia Jiménez, with the collaboration of Dr. Pi and Zapater. This report was issued through a public international call posted by ICIP and it enabled the publication of a policy paper in that respect in 2011.
  • The strategy document “Análisis de viabilidad de un Acuerdo de Asociación Global Interregional para la creación de una zona de Asociación Global Unión Europea-América Latina”, in which Dr. Esteve, Dr. Jiménez and Dr. Zapater participated under the direction of Dr. Ayuso, This document was drawn up based on an international public call made by the European Parliament in 2008, and it served as a source to formulate this institution's position on the proposed EU-Latin America Solidarity Fund.
  • “Report on the development of migration law in Spain in 2003”, jointly published by Dr. Esteve and Dr. Illamola.

3. Organisation of national and international conferences and seminars

  • Organisation of the conference “Control of the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice Agencies. Necessary Counterweight to their Autonomy”, MAGELS group, 13 June 2016
  • Organisation of the conference “The coordination of the Agencies of the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice”, MAGELS group, 24 October 2014
  • Organisation of the conference “The external dimensión of the Agencies of the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice”, MAGELS group, 11 March 2013
  • Participation in the 7th European Jurist’s Forum, organized by the Barcelona Bar Association (ICAB), the Academy of European Law (ERA) and the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), 18-20 April 2013
  • Organisation of the seminar of experts “The first revision of the statute of the International Criminal Court: a critical approach”, organized by ERJAIDI Group of Research at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, 11 February 2011
  • Organisation of the conference “Changes in the Immigration law: Influence of the EU law” Conference, organized by Dr. Esteve and Dr. Illamola at the Law Faculty of Girona University, March 2011
  • Organisation of the conference “The challenges of the Spanish Presidency: The progress in the creation of the AFSJ”, organised by Dr. Pi and Dr. Zapater, October 2009
  • Organisation of the international seminar “Peace in the Andean region: prevention measures and conflict resolution”, organized by Dr. Pi and Dr. Ayuso and took place at the CIDOB Foundation (Barcelona), December 2005