Nearly Half of Recent Spain Migrant Arrivals Report Exploitation or Abuse

[ 12-03-2019 ]

Category: Current issues

According to an International Organization for Migration (IOM) flow monitoring survey of over 1,300 migrants and refugees in Spain last year, nearly half (48%) of those interviewed indicated having at least one direct experience related to human trafficking, exploitation or abuse while traveling on the Western Mediterranean Route.  Men – who outnumber women nine to one among those surveyed – reported a higher percentage (49%) of incidents than women (40%).  

The survey findings are based on 1,341 interviews with migrants and refugees from 39 countries of origin who arrived in Spain in 2018. The surveys were conducted between July and October 2018 in transit and reception centres in more than 40 Spanish municipalities across four autonomous regions to shed more light on the profile and experiences of those who arrived in the country by sea and by land via the Western Mediterranean route.  

That route, in 2018, emerged as the most frequented route to Europe in 2018 with 63,325 arrivals to Spain. link